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GermGuard 360 Series

Mission of the company

Your personal items carry all the unhealthy germs, bacteria and viruses you enounter on a daily basis. Clean them quickly and easily with UVC light in this compact, efficient UV Sanitizer Bag.  This sterilization bag is extremely convenient, portable and highly effective with a disinfection rate of up to 99.99%.  Simply place your cell phone, keys, baby bottles, or just about any small item in the bag, zip it closed and push the button.  Your items are sanitized in just 5 minutes!  You may use it with confidence because it is safe and radiation-free.

GermGuard 360 reflects the UV light to eliminate germs and bacteria on the bottom of items, not just on the top as with most sanitizer bags.  It is 360-Degree Sterilization!

360-Degree Sterilization
Complete Protection

360-degree Sterilization

5 Minutes Sanitized
Fast and Easy
Active Ingredient -

Items Are Sanitized in Just 5 Minutes!

Eliminates Up to 99.99 Bacteria
Highly Efficient

Eliminates Up To 99.99% of Harmful Bacteria and Germs

Auto Power Shut Off
Safe and Worry-Free

Auto Power Shut-Off When Lid Is Opened or Case Is Tilted

Compact Size
Easy to Carry
Active Ingredient -

Lightweight and Portable. Perfect For Home Use or Travel!

USB Power
Easily Powered

Can be Charged by Phone Charger, Power Bank, Computer or Power Adapter via Built-In Micro USB Port

Advanced LED Technology

The Omats Sterilizing Bag uses the latest generation of UVC LED technology. The corrosion-resistant element has a high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride frame, airtight design, and gold plating process on the surface. One UVC LED lamp can last up to 10,000 hours.

How UVC Technology Works

For decades, UV germicidal lamps have been used to disinfect air and surfaces in hospitals, laboratories and other similar facilities to ensure a clean, sanitary environment. When exposing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to UVC light, the light penetrates through the cell wall and disrupts the structure of their DNA molecules, prohibiting reproduction. It is a chemical-free alternative to other methods of disinfection.


The Omats Sterilizing Bag is a must-have in today’s society. Everything you hold on a daily basis, from your cell phone and keys to your sunglasses, just to name a few, carries bacteria that can be harmful to your health. In just five minutes, the Omats Sterilizing Bag disinfects your personal items, giving you peace of mind. It is also perfect for baby bottles, toys, clothing, makeup accessories, facial coverings and medical masks.

Technical Parameters

LED Beads
12 Pieces
10.25" x 7.5" x 5.5"  /  260 x 190 x 140mm
Net Weight
1.2 lbs  /  520g
260-280nm     320-430nm
Input Connector
Micro USB
Battery Specs
Battery Type:   Polymer Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage:   5V
Battery Capacity:   2000mAh
10,000 Hours
Working Temperature
32~104°F  /  0~40°C
Storage Temperature
-4~122°F  /  -20~50°C