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Thermal Adhesive Techology (e-Series)

Omats Thermal Adhesive (E series) is a nano-silver wire/flake uniformly dispersed in the polymer, which is formed into a perfect stack after the printing process, which greatly improves the electrical and thermal conductivity.

The key technology of Ameromats
Suits well all devices and screen sizes
Outstanding feature of the washability
Soft, wearable, physiological senses
Have high conductivity to transmit physiological signals to the sensing element
Far-infrared emissivity ≥ 92%
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

Thickness ≦ 80 µm
Resistivity of Ag Adhesive: 10 -6 Ω-cm
Resistivity of Cu Adhesive: 10 -5 Ω-cm

Smart Textiles

Aeromats through the new concept, will be seamless integration of textiles and electronic funtions to provide personalized, flexible and user-friendly interactive experience, open the intellectualization of new textile industry opportunities.

Infant care will no longer be limited to temperature and heart rate

Wearable devices for leisure and entertainment123456 123456 12345

Smart analysis of physiology and instant sport management

Detection of environmental risks for the protection of laborers

Phsyiological documentation and connectin to emergency medical care for elderly

Flexible Floor Heating

Environmentally friendly floor heating compared to other commonly used household air conditioning or electric heaters.  The floor heating system runs silently and provides uniform heating thourghout.  When the floor heating system is operating and the air is circulating, humidity levels can be maintained for the comfor of the occupants.  The floor heating system will be especially helpful to elderly who's lower limbs get cold easily in winter and who suffer from poor blood ciculation and stiff or atrophied muscles.


The surface of the flexible heating floor used "Anti-viral mats" products, which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, protecting everyone in home.


Heating floor having the characteristic of far-infrared emissivity produces a comfortable warmth like the sun without disadvantages such as dry indoor heat, undesirable oders, dehydrated skin, and a dry mouth, etc.

Economical and Highly Efficient

It starts working normally within ten seconds after power is applied.  Within several minutes and optimum termperature will be reached for the heat radiation operation mode.  The running cost is very low.  (The average power is 40 ~ 60 W/m2)

Easy installation, Safe use and Long Lasting Life Usage

It is easy to remove and reinstall again.  When you move, you can disassemble it under normail conditions without damage and reuse it again.

Small Space Occupancy

The electric heating film is slim.  It can be applied in a flexible manner on a floor, wall or even a ceiling and does not occupy any indoor space.

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