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Mission of the company

Mission of the company

Aeromats is a multinational company focusing on personal and home health management. The company's main business projects are environmentally friendly nano materials and related application products, as well as smart home appliances.

In terms of Omats H series (Antibacterial Sanitizing Spray) products, our nano materials applications are used in biomedical and green building materials. The main function of the materials is multi-functional in their applications with features such as anti-bacteria, resistant to virus, resistant to mold, deodorant, anti-fouling and self-cleaning, air purification, water purification, etc.

In terms of Omats E series (Thermal Adhesive Techology) products, our nano materials are mainly applied to personal and home intelligent management. The material features that it can be used in daily life products giving products heating or conducting electricity functions.

The company's products include environmentally friendly intelligent heated floor mats, intelligent heated toilet seats, thermal cushions, intelligent thermal clothes, thermal abdominal band and many other applications.

Aeromats' mission is "care for personal health, create a comfortable and safe space at home, and create a sustainable ecological environment."