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Omats Face Mask
- Safety Shield -

This is the perfect face covering for people that must wear a non-medical mask for long periods, such as teachers, restaurant servers, hotel desk clerks & staff, supermarket personnel, public transit & ride share drivers and, of course, those who travel by train or air. The unique design provides more space, making it easier for the wearer to breathe and speak. And, since this mask has a coating of Omats Safety Shield Antibacterial Spray, there will be no unpleasant odor of stale saliva. Whether for work or merely for use in daily life, this product is your perfect partner for healthy living.


4-Ply premium protection
3D tailoring design increases space to make breathing easier
The side flaps through which the ear loops attach to the mask sit closer to the skin, preventing the large gap you may experience with other masks
Mask remains oder-free for an extended period; no stale saliva smell
Soft, comfortable and breathable
Omats Saftey Shield Antibacterial Spray (FDA Reg. No. 3007292459) has been applied to mask
100% latex free
Omats Face MaskGeneral Surgical Mask
4-Ply premium protection3-Ply nonwoven fabric
3D tailoring design for added space and comfortFlat and attached to nose
Extra space makes breathing easierLong period wear causes stuffy
Soft elastic ear loops for added comfortLong time wear may cause ear pain
Remains odor-free for an extended periodLong period wear will produce stale saliva smell
Side flaps sit closer to face, preventing large gap Large gap on sides
Good for repeated use. Can be used several times before replacingOne-time usage