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Antibacterial & Antiviral Technology

Mission of the company

Omats Safety Shield is a powerful antibacterial agent that lasts for up to 6 months.  The principle behind it's antibacterial effect is based on the reaction of silver ions with the sulfur and hydrogen in bacterial to inhibit its reproduction.  This method uses a photocatalyst to generate a superoxide radical bacterial breakdown to charge Safety Shield.  This charge will pull the bacterial cell membrane, causing the membrane to reputure and leading to the death of the bacteria.  Omats Safety Shield uses these methods to achieve its impressive antibacterial effect.

Certified Safety Test Reports

Competitor Analysis

OmatsHypochlorous AcidOther Brands with Nano silver / silver ionPhotocatalystBleachAlcohol 75%Natural SoapUV Ray
Skin Irritation
NoNoContains Corrosive Chemical Compounds Which are HarmfulNoYesAcceptableNoYes
OdorNoChlorine SmellSmell of Fragrance AddedNoAn Odor of ChlorinePungent OdorAromaticOzone Smell
Side EffectsNoChlorine Fumes Irritate the Respiratory Track, Cause Discomfort, and DizzinessChemical Discharge Which is Harmful to the Environment and HumansNoIrritation to Respiratory Tract, Skin Irritation, and DizzinessFlammable and Causes Skin IrritationPoorStrong
Duration of
Antibacterial Effectiveness
Long Lasting 24 hrs Minimum0.5 - 3 minLong Lasting 24 hrs MinimumNegligible to No Anti-Bacterial AbilityPoorPoor

Volatiles Easily
Ability of Eliminate Different Types of BacteriaMore Than 650 Types of BacteriaNormalMore than 650 Types of BacterialNomalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Antiviral CapabilityExcellentNoAcceptableAcceptableExcellentExcellentNoExcellent
Deodorizing AbilityExcellentAcceptableExcellentPoorPoorPoorPassableNo
Anti-Fouling and Self-Cleaning AbilityExcellentNoNoExcellentNoNoNoNo
Shelf LifeLong Lasting 2 Years MinimumLimited Shelf Life, Effectiveness of Sterilization Decreases after 6 MonthsAcceptable Other Brands Perish Under Exposure to The SunAcceptableNomalPoor

Volatiles Easily
Acceptable But Volatiles EasilyOxidizes Easily