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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Omats Nano Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer create an antibacterial mask?
A:     Omats Nano Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer can be sprayed directly on the inside of a mask to create an anti-bacterial mask. It also turns a single-use disposable mask into a reusable mask. (Allow sanitizer to dry completely before wearing mask for maximum ventilation efficiency.)


When applying Omats Nano Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer to a mask, how can I tell that the anti-bacterial properties are working?
A:    Saliva contains bacteria. As saliva ferments, it will leave an odor on the mask. After applying Omats Nano, the surface is sterilized immediately. Even when the mask is used multiple times, there will be no odor.


Is Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer, suitable for infants and the elderly?
A: Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer has an international TAF certification given by a designated inspection institute. This product has been tested for cytotoxicity, skin irritation and oral toxicity and as such is suitable for all ages to use.


How long can the Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer solution last after applied?
A: Spraying directly on the hands, the anti-bacterial effect can last for 3 - 4 hours. If sprayed on desktop / doorknob / floor mat ... it can last for at least 6 months without cleaning and swabbing.


Will Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer damage clothing, home funiture or fabric?
A: Generally, households often use alcohol for environmental sterilization, however alcohol is destructive to some materials and furniture surfaces, causing permanent damage. Omats contains nano film which coats the surface of clothing, home funishings and fabric during spraying. Not only can it provide a long-lasting sterilization effect, but it will not harm the furniture.


Will the silver content in the nano solution cause side effects to the body?
A:    Internatinal journal studies have proven that nano silver particles are non-toxic to mammalian cells and do not penetrate the dermis of the skin.  There is no bioaccumulation. Therefore, you can use it with complete peace of mind.


What certified reports does Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer have?
A:   Omats Nano Anti-bacterial Sanitizer has an international TAF certified reports given by designated Master Laboratory inspection institute.
Does Not Cause in Virto Cytotoxicity - meet IOS 10993 - 12 : 2012 inspection
Does Not Cause Skin Irritation - meet IOS 10993 - 10 : 2012 inspection
Does Not Cause Skin Sensitization - meet IOS 10993 - 10 : 2012 inspection
Does Not Cause Acute Inhalation and Oral Toxicity Reaction - meet OECD 420 inspection